Handmade Custom Pieces using Hardwood, Steel & Concrete

Moderne Design Studio was established to give consumers more of what they deserve.  Founder, Shad Sikes, found himself constantly disappointed with the quality of mass-produced products.  Moderne Design Studio took the position to give consumers quality vs quantity.  As a labor of love and passion, each piece is custom designed and handmade to meet each individual’s needs.  

What People are Saying

“Moderne’s craftmanship is unmatched”

I lived in my house for over six months without a kitchen table because I couldn’t find the ‘right one.’  Now, my kitchen table is a talking point for anyone that comes over.  Its quality and Moderne’s craftsmanship is unmatched.

John E.

“Minimal, natural, efficient”

This tamping station is exactly what I needed for my home espresso setup. Minimal, natural, efficient. Moderne’s staff asked for a few bits of information to tailor for my setup and workflow and this beauty came just a few days after. Very highly recommend – I love this tamping station!

Jose V.

The craftsmanship was something else!

“Moderne made me an exquisite coffee table that fit my living room perfectly! It was a mid-century piece with just enough flair of modern but not over the top! The craftsmanship was something else! I highly recommend Moderne for your next unique statement piece! You won’t regret it!

Josh M.